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    I'm on the fence about upgrading to the iPhone X (7+ currently) or trying something completely different. I have my eye on the Pixel 2 XL because I like the raw Android OS without OEM customization (plus it's already on Oreo). Kinda disappointed that they left out several features Android touted over Apple for so many years like expandable storage and wireless charging.

    Anyway, I have some conflicts because I have an Apple watch, MacBook Pro (Surface Pro too!), Apple TV, and my entire family uses iPhones. I had a Galaxy S5 briefly about a year ago for a burner phone after I successfully drowned my iPhone I wasn't that crazy about it as at the time (it's been over a year) I felt like the apps that are platform agnostic (Facebook, Twitter, etc) we not as polished and easy to use on Android as there were on iOS. Otherwise, the OS was fine.

    Long story short, my question is for those that have converted from iOS to Android recently or those that use both today, what are your major gripes about Android - either features/apps from iOS you miss or a worse experience with the quality of the apps or Android OS?

    I have a programming background and am very tech savvy, I just have very limited experience with Android as virtually everyone I know has an iPhone or is running an older Android phone that's several OS versions behind.
    10-23-2017 05:01 PM
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    I use Android and iOS, and indeed Windows Phone. The only gripe that I have has nothing to do with the Android System, but with the phones that are made for it: that is, that there is only a very small choice of high-quality, high-spec small phones available. But that of course is a manufacturing decision, not a software one.
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    10-23-2017 06:09 PM
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    Thanks...how do the apps compare? For example, my company uses Good For Enterprise on mobile and on my iPhone I can open that app, see email, calendar, intranet sites, etc. People at work with Android have to open the GFE app for email and another related app to see the calendar. That seems a little lame.
    When I had switched to Android for that short time (again, well over a year ago) I especially noticed the FB app looked so much better on iOS and it wasn't as clunky (less navigation needed to do things). However, this probably have progressed and I was wondering if there's still such a disparity in app quality.
    10-24-2017 08:59 AM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    For my own usage, there are small variations in how apps perform on one system compared to another. Some are annoying, but you get used to the different ways of doing things.
    I don’t use any of the apps that you mention.
    10-24-2017 02:14 PM
  5. jre72's Avatar
    Thanks for the input...I'm going to see how this Pixel 2 screen burn thing works out before I make a decision. iPhone X, S8+, or Pixel 2 XL are my finalists...
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    10-25-2017 07:36 AM

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