1. jimbeazy's Avatar
    Guys, i'm looking for an Android icecast (mp3u) client that has an option to adjust the pre-buffer size. My stream has a very slow bitrate(32k) and I would like to hear it in real time. If I use winamp on a pc and connect to the stream, there is very small pre-buffer which is ideal and acceptable. Apps such as Streamfurious and XiiaLive creates a large pre-buffer even if the stream is a very low bitrate. For example, streamfurious pre-buffers almost 300kb for my 32kb stream. I need a app that streams right away with minimum pre-buffer. If you have ideas of an Android app that will accomplish this, please let me know. I understand the risk of buffering, but i'm trying to setup a real-time stream.

    Running CM7 7.0.3/Inspire4G/2.3.3

    05-17-2011 10:15 PM
  2. KarlZeilhofer's Avatar

    have you found any solution?
    I also want to have a realtime stream from my notebook to my phone, to emulate RF-headphones.
    I was thinking about editing VLC, but until now, I've never used the Android SDK...

    kind regards,
    11-12-2014 08:04 AM