1. Raysanyu's Avatar
    Ok...thing is my volume down button is not working but I've been using it well with my installed Apps. & My phone is stuck in Safe mode it's the 3rd time now. The 1st time I put it in rice and safe mode turned off. After a few days it came back on, I then took it to the service center and I was charged 75% of what it cost me newly. Now earlier today I updated my software & on rebooting it actually turned back into safe mode again. Ive done my homework & i was told it could be the software so I was advised to reinstall it or firmware. So I've tried all the Samsung fireware links but i all in vain. So anyone to help me solve the problem or send me a link....I'm working on a Cruise Ship and we have just began our journey. Perhaps you could email me the link [removed by moderator]
    I have a Samsung galaxy J5 Prime G570F version 7.0 2017
    01-03-2018 07:31 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Restarting the phone will get it out of safe mode.

    2. A stuck Volume Down button will make it restart in safe mode. You'll have to get the button unstuck. (Or replaced if it's the switch under the button that's bad.)
    01-03-2018 05:04 PM

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