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    I have a two week old HTC Incredible S (really like the phone and Android in general) running Froyo. I've been noticing lately that my gmail will sometimes stop automatically refreshing. In order to alleviate this, I have to manually clear the cache and data at which point it will temporarily work.

    Today, I had a theory that perhaps when the phone goes into power saver mode and turns off background data (by default), it doesn't automatically re-enable background data.

    I just tried it and sure enough my theory is partially right. Once the phone is charged to a point that it no longer needs the power saver mode, it still doesn't automatically sync. This seems to be the only setting that doesn't start working automatically (ie things like keyboard vibrate when touched automatically starts working). Going into accounts and sync, the box for background data is automatically checked (as it should) and apps like the android market start working again. However, gmail still doesn't sync. Once the checkmark is removed from background data and reapplied, gmail starts syncing right away and continues. So gmail must get stuck once power saving mode is applied and doesn't recognize that background data is reenabled.

    Is this a known glitch/issue? Who can I report it too? Are there any workarounds? For now, I've disabled background data from the power saving mode settings, which I will update tomorrow if it works.
    05-21-2011 12:20 AM