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    What's the deal with cursoring and clipboard operations on Android? Is there a standard, or does every manufacturer do something different?

    I'm trying to decide between an Android phone and an iPhone. I intend to make heavy use of the phone for note-taking on the go. I currently use a iPod touch for taking notes. When I need to write something longer, I use a rooted Nook running CyanogenMod 7. My phone is a Palm Pixi.

    The iPod has the easiest cursoring mechanism and the easiest way to cut/copy/paste. It's really no-brainer easy. My Palm Pixi is the next easiest, but still frustrates me now and then. Doing all this on my rooted Nook is so frustrating that I'm having second thoughts about getting an Android phone.

    As best I can tell, CyanongenMod 7 uses its own cursoring and clipboarding technique. It's unreliable. I have to try multiple times to get the cursor near my desired position. I have no clue how to move the cursor around except to pull up the cursor keys on my SwiftKey keyboard. Selecting text is equally frustrating, as the selection-end knobs seem to get stuck at the edges of the screen.

    I was hoping for an Android phone because it lets me pick my keyboard, and because I'm a programmer who doesn't want to be supporting Apple's tyranny over app programmers.

    So what's the scoop? Are things really this bad? Will Honeycomb solve this problem? Do I just wait? Thanks!

    05-22-2011 08:16 PM
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    Cyanogenmod 7 is based off Gingerbread, do you'll see all gingerbread ROMs using this type of cute/paste feature. I actually think it's a pretty good improvement over the prior iterations of Android (2.2/2.1).
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    05-22-2011 09:44 PM
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    The iPod has the easiest cursoring mechanism and the easiest way to cut/copy/paste.
    If that's the deal breaker for you then you should probably go iOS rather than hope for a solution on Android.
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    05-23-2011 07:11 AM
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    The Swype keyboard that came with my LG Optimus S (Android 2.2) has a nice on-screen editing keyboard that has buttons like arrows, select text, select all, page-up, page-down, cut, paste, end, home, etc. It looks like the one pictured on this website.

    To switch from the normal alphabetical keyboard to the editting keyboard you have to swipe from left-to-right across the bottom two keys on the left of on-screen keyboard.
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    05-23-2011 08:33 PM

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