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    I have a ZTE Z833 Avid Trio cell phone that I purchased from Metro PCS. My phone only has 3.16 GB of internal storage. So I inserted a 32 GB SD in my phone. On my previous ZTE phone, when you went to settings and selected an app, you were given the option to move the app to the SD card. But on this phone the only options that your are given is to Uninstall or Force Stop.

    I also tried to do an Internal format for my SD card, but the phone still only showed 3.16 GB of storage space. So I took the phone back to Metro PCS and asked them what the problem was. The guy that sold me the phone told me that the SD card was faulty. But when I insert that same SD card into my laptop, my laptop reads the card without any problems.

    Can anyone tell me how I can transfer apps to my SD card on this phone, or make my default download path SD card?

    Thank you
    02-15-2018 07:36 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Not all devices support the ability to move apps to the SD card. If you don't see a Move to SD button for any app in the Settings>Apps menu, then it's not supported.

    For devices that do support moving apps to SD, not all apps can be moved. Also be aware that moving an app to SD only moves a relatively small portion of the app, and never the entire app.

    When you say you did an internal format, do you mean that the phone gave you the option to format the SD card as Internal Storage vs Portable Storage?
    02-15-2018 11:12 PM
  3. cinque8's Avatar
    Yes the phone gave me the option to format the card to Internal Storage instead of Portable storage, but nothing happened. The Internal Storage remained 3.16 GB and not 30 GB, and I tried it with 2 different SD cards. So I just reformatted the cards back to FAT32 on my laptop.
    02-16-2018 01:44 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    After formatting the card as Internal Storage, did you try installing some apps to see where they installed to?
    02-16-2018 01:46 AM
  5. cinque8's Avatar
    I tried but kept getting the same error message, only 300 mb of internal storage available not enough space available to download this app.
    02-16-2018 01:51 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It may be that ZTE implemented Adoptable Storage incorrectly. It's been a somewhat problematic feature -- there have been a lot of issues raised about it for Motorola phones, for example.
    02-16-2018 09:44 AM
  7. cinque8's Avatar
    Mr. Diddy,

    what would be the best way to clear the cache on this phone?

    Thank you
    02-18-2018 03:49 PM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Follow these steps: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-33683
    02-18-2018 11:15 PM
  9. cinque8's Avatar
    Thanks for the great information B. Diddy!

    ZTE customer support could not, or would not answer this question!
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    02-18-2018 11:54 PM
  10. LOCKEDAWAY's Avatar
    hey you know that if you root the phone you will be able to store all apps on your SD card right? you have to be rooted. that easy though. msg back and I will explain both options
    02-20-2018 02:01 AM
  11. LOCKEDAWAY's Avatar
    but you def have a option even if zte didn't plan on you having one. lol
    02-20-2018 02:02 AM
  12. cinque8's Avatar
    Hey Lockedaway,

    I have thought about rooting, but I am a complete newbie and didn't want to mess up the phone anymore than it already is. I know that if you root your warranty is gone. On the other hand ZTE customer support said that I didn't have a warranty because my carrier is Metro PCS. But I would be happy to see the information, but to make sure that I don't blow it, I would practice first on one of my older discarded phones.

    02-20-2018 02:42 PM
  13. LOCKEDAWAY's Avatar
    sure I can help you. just download a app called kingroot. it does everything for you and won't mess your device up. if it can't root it will just tell u.
    02-21-2018 11:05 AM
  14. LOCKEDAWAY's Avatar
    any issues with the install let me know. then after that y can use your SD card as phone memory. you can go from nothing to having an awesome phone. everyone has it tehy just hide it from us depending on what device we pay for. buy a high dollar phone and they unlock it for you. buy a cheap phone and they lock it so you have your phone and buy a better one.
    02-21-2018 11:08 AM
  15. cinque8's Avatar
    Thanks LOCKEDAWAY, I will download the app and let you know what happened
    02-22-2018 12:15 AM

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