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    Greetings ACers,

    I am in a bit of a dilemma and therefore I am seeking some opinions or thoughts. I am currently with Sprint (not willing to pay $30/mo more for ATT or VZN) on a 4 person family plan. We all passed our upgrade date by about 6 months, but then my wife's phone started to act up and is now somewhat useless. She doesn't want to fix it because it has been a beast for her from day 1 (Palm Pre). So, she wants to buy an upgrade, well if she gets an upgrade, the only way to get a good deal is to renew contract, and if we're going to be renewing contract I figure why not upgrade everyone at the same time? And, if we're going to upgrade, Android seems the way to go!

    So, that's the back-story of my dilemma. The wife is quite content with getting the free on contract LG Optimus S. I am a big fan of saving money, to be certain, but I get the impression that although the Optimus is a neat phone for being free, it is not going to quench my gadget thirst. This has me looking at other phone options. The contenders that catch my eye are the EVO 4g, Nexus S and soon? to be released EVO 3d.

    $200 on contract is a lot of moolah to spend for me and my young family, so if I am going to spend it I want to make sure I feel it is worth it. The EVO 4g is still lauded as a great device despite being a year old already (ancient in tech years). The Nexus S has some neat features, but looks to have some drawbacks to the much older EVO 4g. Then finally there is the EVO 3d, which looks to be just a newer faster EVO 4g.

    So, that has me thinking... should I spend $200 on EVO 4g/Nexus S now so I am in line with the rest of the families upgrades, or should I hold out and use my upgrade out of cycle with everyone once the 3d releases? Certainly the prices of the older devices will go down at the point and I would still only pay $199 for the newest phone.

    I am somewhat leaning towards waiting for the EVO 3d and either getting that or the EVO 4g if the price comes down enough, but I don't know how long that's going to be, and how much of a pain it will be to get my upgrade separate from everyone else on the plan (guessing we have to renew the contract when they buy, and then probably again a couple months later when I buy).

    ---- tldr; version ----
    Family on Sprint plan with me is upgrading phones now, should I wait for the EVO 3d to come out and deal with not upgrading all at once or just go with an EVO 4g/Nexus S now? Any other suggestions?
    05-23-2011 02:49 PM
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    As the EVO is almost 1 yr old and the EVO 3D coming out, they may drop the price of the EVO for upgrades and new accounts.

    You may also want to head over to Amazon or LetsTalk.com and see what deals they have. They sometimes give better prices for the upgrade than Sprint.

    I can tell you that the EVO is a great device and does everything that the other phones do. It should also be getting an upgrade Gingerbread which will make it even better.

    05-23-2011 03:26 PM

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