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    Can anyone please help? I have a Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 2 and have installed the latest Gboard. This has been going on since I bought the phone a few months ago. I installed Gboard and love it as I like the layout, colors etc just everything about it. I have it on the large font due to cataracts as well. The problem is that no matter what I try, including the dreaded factory reset (Not fun!) the keyboard keeps reverting back to this Samsung factory keyboard, which I detest. Also maybe once a day, (I do text a lot) the notification area asks which key board I want to use even though I have set everything I can find to use the Gboard. I am on disability and cannot afford to buy any app and I really don't want to do any rooting because if the phone gets totally messed up, I won't be able to get another. I am at my wits end with this and the AT&T stores are clueless! Up until just the last few hours if messing with this....ughhhh, in the past, I have even uninstalled then re installed the Gboard and all was back to normal. But now, even though it says its installed, I can't even find the app! Also, previously after re installing the Gboard at some point the app on my screen just goes away but I have been able to still use it....until now. What's even more irritating is because its factory, there is no option to disable thus dumb Samsung keyboard. Is there anyone that might be able to help? I will be so grateful if I can fix this once and for all. Thanks folks 😭 ***so sorry, i just noticed in my title that it says Aboard instead of Gboard (see I detest this Samsung keyboard even more!!
    03-06-2018 01:55 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Go to Settings>Language & Input, and look at your Keyboard options. Did you select Gboard as your Default Keyboard?

    It's normal for there to be a keyboard notification icon in the status bar when you're typing -- it's just there to make it easy to switch keyboards, if you want. You don't have to do anything with it.

    One thing you can try is to go to Settings>Apps, select the Samsung keyboard app, and tap Disable (if that button is available). This should prevent the phone from making the Samsung Keyboard available to you, and therefore keep Gboard as your only keyboard.
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    03-06-2018 03:37 AM
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    Hi B. Diddy
    First of all let me say I am soooooo sorry for not replying sooner. I don't want anyone here to think that I was ignoring your kind help, but just to explain, I had to leave my own home and go into hiding (very long story and not relevant to you folks) but I don't have internet right now, so I haven't been able to get on much because I rely on my phone's MB's and don't want to run out.
    I check my email during the day on and off now so will get the notification, but please bear with me if I don't respond right away.
    I did all that you said and updated the Gboard and although it rarely reverts back to the ugly Samsung yellow, I can deal with that for now because it has only happened once since I followed your advice, but I have a new issue and I don't know if I am wasting space here or if you all can help me or you can help me or I need to post it somewhere else. Please let me know if I do and I will be glad to post elsewhere. I know this might seem small to some people but I use my Emojis a lot and ever since I updated the app, at one point it stopped allowing the search for the Emojis and now instead of the search box coming up with suggestions I get the error, Emoji search data unavailable. I have tried everything from reinstalling it, cleaning the cache, etc. I even looked on other searches (I could not get my password reset for this app because the pictures are so small and I have cataracts, I just couldn't see them.) and I read something about making sure that the English language was chosen which is all I have because that's all I want. Then something about APK and that's something I have no clue about so I really don't want to mess with it unless somebody that knows what they're doing tells me to and exactly what to do. My phone says I have the Android version 7.
    I have seen where others have the same with issue and have been unable to find help and I'm wondering if you could tell me if it's a glitch that they just need to fix or is it just me? I don't think a hard reset of the phone (oh my, that would take me forever to get the phone back to how I want lol, but if you say so then, ok) would because it doesn't do this on anything else, this is the only app thats giving me issues, but then again, I have no clue. Maybe you will know!
    I know this may seem trivial but the internet and texting/Facebook is so much of my entertainment and more so now because I am relying on a generator for electric.
    Again, if I need to post on another thread please do let me know and I'm so sorry for wasting space and time for everybody here.
    Thank you so much for your help and God Bless you, I look forward to hearing from you again.
    05-17-2018 01:50 PM
  4. Mdghost13's Avatar
    Oh I forgot, thank you for letting me know about the status bar too! I thought it was making it revert every time it popped up lol. So I ignore it or just click Gboard or clear all and it goes away!
    05-17-2018 09:53 PM

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