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    Hi guys thanks for any help you could give me, since some days I have trying to figure it out what is wrong with my cellphone Moto X play dual sim,
    It uses to work normally but now I can not access anything from internal memory or SD card, I use to have SD card configured as Internal,
    but now Im not able to see anything of my gallery, or download anything, or see folders in ES explorer,
    It is strange because even when memory and nothing is visible or available to read or write, the google store can actually download and install any apps normally,
    the thing is that I need help cause I can not see any image of whatsapp or do an screenshot or downloading my own files being this the most important to get my baby photos ,
    So I have tried:
    -safe mode but and same issue storage not available
    -tried to see files from computer and it installs and recognize the cell but it does not show any folder in transfer mode or photos mode and when I try to write somehitng it send an error.
    -clear cache partition and commonly it takes some minutes but now it takes like a second so that tells me that something is wrong with the memory.
    -Opened and inserted again SD memory.

    Other things to consider are that in Storage section of the Cellphone it shows internal memory with some space 10 of 16 gb used and SD status not inserted, but if I click on it it gives me the option to Forgot, and this would erase the SD and start again with the SD
    -Also and I dont know if it was at the same time but I started to get ear speaker issue, during calls I can only hear by speaker or earphones, but ear speaker do not give any sound anymore.

    I have 7.1.1 android version.

    I would appreciate any help you could give me and thanks for read all the post
    03-15-2018 03:12 AM

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