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    One entry commonly on my Notifications Area ("NA") is "6 events" which also politely displays the next or most current one. I can press it and I get a list of unresponded (past) Calendar notifications that I can individually open and then edit, delete, dismiss or snooze. This works. By the way, all of these arise from my previously setting Notifications reminders when I created or edited calendar items.

    I'm greedy and want a home screen icon that I can press without having to locate and press that in NA. In other words I simply want a 1 X 1 item to press, that does the same thing as when I press the Events entry in NA.

    The closest item I found was the Calendar (Agenda) widget. It's nice, so I'm not complaining, but it differs from my desire as it shows future agenda (I want past items as is shown in NA), and takes 3 X 3 (I want a 1 X 1 icon). And you can't Dismiss those, being future items. (Too bad. That would be awesome. As soon as I paid the electric company, I could pre-dismiss tomorrow's reminder, but allow next month's to appear when it's time.)

    Also really hoping for a built in solution (rather than Play Store). I don't want to grant access to my Calendar to a 3rd party.

    Thanks! Android 6.0 MetroPCS LG G Stylo from 2015.
    03-29-2018 01:19 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Oreo's icons on the Pixel Launcher have a neat feature where long-pressing them will bring up their notifications right above the icon. On devices that can't install the Pixel Launcher, I think you can get them by installing Nova Launcher. So in your situation, instead of swiping down the notification panel for your calendar notifications, you could just long-press the Calendar icon.
    03-29-2018 06:33 PM

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