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    I got this Jiake V12 phone using android 5.1 using ATT. It replaced my broken LG G2 phone. The menu system and setups are very different. The G2 phone had a shortcut to close apps. AppKiller was downloaded to turn off apps otherwise they kept running in the background on the v12. I also loaded Evernote to keep track of things. Errors saying the memory was full and I should clear out the cache. I deleted everything (even my hone preferences) I could find. The phone also had a micro sd slot and I installed a 32 Gb card. Still no good. I found an app that could move things to the sd card and delete the cache. I had to delete evernote and appkiller to make room for this utility app. I ran the app to move things to the sd card and delete the cache. It cleared up a small amount of memory and only loaded a few directories to the sd card. Those directories are empty. No apps were moved. Then I deleted the utility app and tried to reinstall evernote. It says I don't have enough space. There is nothing else to delete. No additional apps are on the phone and I am using calculator, gmaps, todo, phone, address book, default browser, clock, messaging. I draw down the top menu and it has the messages: internal storage running out – some system functions may not work, 1 voicemail call, sync – too many calendar deletes, can't update apps – your device doesn't have enough space. Tried a data backup then a factory reset. Now no appkiller, evernote, or “all in one toolbox”. No photos, music, deleted phone history and messages and no memory space. This POS is getting harder and harder to live with. Does this phone have a fix or should I buy parts for the G2. hoader
    04-29-2018 07:52 PM
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    I was going to try getting clarification on if you have memory (RAM) issues, or storage issues. After looking up the specs of that phone, I suspect it's both.

    It only has 8 GB of total storage, most of which will be taken up by the operating system. That leaves very little room for apps or anything else. Putting an SD card will not help much because apps shouldn't be moved to them anyway for various reasons. Even if you could, they still install by default onto the internal storage, meaning you'll need room on there anyway.

    When it comes to memory, that is going to be quickly eaten up with today's apps. It only has 1 GB of RAM, which is barely enough to run the core functions anymore. And app killers won't help. For one, Android is designed to keep RAM full and app killers only work against it and increase battery consumption. But that isn't your issue anyway. Your problem is simply asking it to do too much and needing more RAM than is physically on the phone. It's like trying to use a car to pull a semi trailer then getting frustrated at the car when it can't.

    To be honest, the LG G2, despite being dated as well, is still about twice the phone this Jiake is. Double the space, double the memory, and a better processor. Not to mention being a name brand with a decent reputation. Even still, I wouldn't recommend fixing it because those specs are getting to be outdated. You should really look hard at upgrading to something more modern if you expect it to be usable for any length of time. I do like LG, and I'd suggest jumping to the G6 or V20 phones. They are still great performers and the V20 has many features that are not found anymore. I would stay away from the G4's and V10's, though, as they did have a design flaw that lead to a lot of bootloops.
    04-29-2018 11:52 PM

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