1. carl alexander's Avatar
    I am re-posting this in another attempt to find a solution.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7
    OS Android 7.0

    I have accidently installed a Gallery photo as a wallpaper. Previously I just used the default which was just blank with icons. I want to un-install it and return to my previous setting, Default.
    I have Googled this and all I have seen simply state; Settings, Wallpapers and then change it but this does not work.

    When I go to Settings, Wallpapers and Themes only the screen for Add Samsung Themes to your Home and Apps screens pops up. A check box is selected by default, leaving it selected or un-selecting makes no difference. The bottom of the screen has Start>, When this is started there is a delay of several seconds and a popup of Themes has stopped and a restart app button. Restarting does nothing.

    Settings, Applications, Samsung Themes Disable does not operate (a system file, I am sure) Force Stop works but does not accomplish anything.

    If I go to the Home screen and Long Press a blank space I get the Wallpapers, Widgets, and Screen Grid. The first Wallpaper is the Briefing Wallpaper (that I changed when I got the phone), the other selections are bland with the last one having the + sign to add one. Selecting any of these screens does not change the wallpaper.

    I have deleted the photo from the Gallery but this has not affected the Home screen. I have not checked The Cloud to delete any backup.

    Or is this something that needs to be addressed on the Samsung forums?

    Thanks, Carl.
    05-17-2018 12:17 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Try Wallpaper Wizardrii. I was changing the wallpaper every month on a Samsung with that, until I got tired of changing wallpapers. (You can't "uninstall" a wallpaper - some wallpaper has to be there. But you can install any picture, including a picture of a solid color.)
    05-17-2018 12:42 PM

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