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    i am a medical practitioner and use whatsapp as a convenient way of interacting with patients who for instance send me images of skin conditions to make a preliminary diagnosis whether the situation can be treated at home or whether a visit to casualty or my rooms would be wiser.
    the problem is that i have a dual sim handset on which i have two instances of whatsapp. one for my private number which i can back up to my gmail and another for my emergency number which has no option for backing up to gmail although i have a separate gmail account for it, but it does backup locally. this last whatsapp only interacts with my second, emergency, number. this second instance of whatsapp though can backup to my phone. i would like to split my numbers to two phones with their individual instances of whatsapp but can only do a full backup to the cloud with the one instance, the whatsapp on my emergency number which is on local backup also needs to be reinstalled without losing chats - is this possible?
    kind regards
    05-21-2018 02:18 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Yeah, the 'cloud' back up is just the local file saved elsewhere. If you move your SIM to another device, just restore from the local file and you're done. I'd recommend, just to avoid issues, NOT to uninstall Whatsapp on your dual-sim phone until you have activated and restored to the other phone, just in case anything is missing it will still be available on the 'old' phone. Not sure why the second instance doesn't give you the cloud back up option, but yeah, just copy that locally-saved back up file to the new device and you should be able to restore from that.
    05-21-2018 01:27 PM

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