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    Have had my KEYone since the day it was launched and got it properly provisioned on VZW right away (activated the SIM in a VZW-branded phone, in my case the Priv I was previously using). It's running 7.1.1 and has been since it came out.

    I have had Skype on it for all this time.

    I often use the "OK Google" feature to make calls, either by saying "Call John Smith mobile" or "Call ###-###-####." It usually works fine. Or, sometimes, instead of saying OK Google, I hit the microphone icon to launch it (I suppose the app is called Google Assistant, but I'm not certain and I don't see a way to either confirm that or even find it in Apps).

    For all I know, these are two different apps being launched. It may very well be based on the way it acts. The problem I'm currently having exists across all variations of those functions.

    For reasons I cannot fathom, as of yesterday, no matter which of those approaches I take, instead of launching the phone app and dialing the number, it's launchign the Skype app and leaving me staring at the Skype dial pad. This does no good for me. I don't use Skype for phone calls.

    I have searched online and through the phone settings and have no idea how to set this back to using the phone function like it always did.

    In Settings > search "Defaults" > Phone it's set to Phone.

    And if I go into Contacts and pick a number and tap on it, the Phone app does launch. So, this issue seems to be limted to the various forms of the Google Assistant (or whatever it is).

    I uninstalled Skype and reinstalled it, but that didn't help.
    06-02-2018 05:34 PM
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    - Settings > Apps > Skype > Force Stop
    - uninstalled Skype
    - restarted the phone
    - used OK Google to make a call -- it lauched the Phone app and called
    - reinstalled Skype

    Now it's back to working as it should, only launching the Phone app to make calls.
    06-02-2018 07:50 PM

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