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    Hello everybody.

    I use a Samsung galaxy s5, rooted, stock marshmallow 6.1.

    Simce my phone lately tends to freeze and slow down, I plan to do a factory reset (if that is even possible on a rooted device) and start from scratch.

    I would like to backup some app data to avoid to do all the settings afterwards.

    I guess titanium backup should be fine. I'm happy for suggestions if there is another useful app for that.

    I wanted to do a complete backup with twrp in case, I mess it up. But, I adopted the SD card as internal memory and migrated the data. I tried to reverse that process and format the SD cads as portable memory. The migration from the SD card to the internal memory failed due lack of free memory. I'm not sure why is that. Because I thought it wouldn't transfer personal files like photos, audio and so on. However, I deleted all the personal data and tried it again. It didn't help. Makes somehow no sense.

    I wanted to safe the backup from twrp to the SD card. But this won't work as long the SD card is adopted.

    In the internal card are 2 GB free. Not a lot, but it should be enough.

    I could transfer the backup to the PC and then just format the SD card.

    That's my plan. Is there a better way to do all this?

    My main concern is to do all the adjustments and configurations on the apps. That's a lot of work.

    Maybe someone can suggest a better idea how to go

    Thank you very much.

    Actually I don't know what's wrong with my phone. It works great....and suddenly it starts to slow down and freezing extremely. After a few minute it's ok again. I have no clue how to isolate this issue. To clear the cache is useless. But, when I delete the dalvik (?) cache with twrp, Android is booting and starts to optimize all the apps. After that the phone runs fine for a few days... Till it starts again to freezing.

    I'm grateful for every hint.

    Edit : after the migration stopped my phone was hard take any orders due the full memory. I repeated the migration process and aborted it by shut down the phone. With that I got back the previous state. It's interesting that not this phone runs very fast. I didn't lost any data. I don't know.... That doesn't even makes sense. I would love to isolate the Programm. It might be only 1 process or app which cause all this trouble.
    06-09-2018 07:04 PM
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    That's a fantastic forum. I'm overwhelmed with this countless replies I got.

    Actually not. I should have asked how to add some silly emticons.
    06-21-2018 10:40 AM
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    You posted this last month, so I'm not sure how much help I will be now, but I'll leave a reply for people just in case.

    Your best bet for anything technical relating to rooting and ROMs is XDA Developers Forum. They have tons of guides and information talking about exactly what your asking for lots of phones.

    In response to your original question. Yes, titanium backup is likely the simplest and best solution.

    The phone has an "internal memory" where all apps are stored as well as system etc. It sounds like you have moved some of your apps over to the SD card during your usage of the phone. It then appears you tried to send them back to the "internal memory" and it will likely have failed as you don't have enough space there.

    Your best bet to get a better understanding is to look in the settings menu of your phone in "storage" and see how the storage space on your phone is being used. Then you can take the appropriate action.

    ...anyway. If you run titanium backup to save all your apps and their associated data then you can quite happily factory reset your phone. Then once booted into a clean version of android run restore on titanium backup.

    Unless you are going to flash a new ROM then a nandroid backup is likely not needed as you won't be messing with the systems partition at all, so you shouldn't cause any boot issues.

    P.S. the sarcasm in your last post is not necessary. If no one replies then you either picked the wrong place to post, or your question is unclear. Just something to bear in mind in future!
    07-13-2018 08:37 AM

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