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    I'm in a predicament and I'm looking for someone to give me a solution please...

    I have several phones/tablets syncing Google Contacts.

    On one of my secondary phones, I wanted to delete all contacts and resync it as I had an issue with my SMS app (QKSMS+) showing wrong contact pictures.

    Therefore I:
    - Turned OFF Google Contacts Sync in Settings
    - Deleted all of my contacts manually in the Samsung Contacts App.
    - Switched Google Contacts Syn ON again
    - Noticed immediately from Google Contacts website) that it was actually DELETING all of my contacts instead of re uploading them onto the phone!!!
    - Switched OFF again Google Contacts Sync on the phone.
    - Used the "Undo Changes" option in Google Contacts web to get back all the deleted contacts, which worked.

    But now, I'm left with no contacts on my phone! And if I switch the Google Contacts Sync again on the phone, it will delete my Google Contacts again...

    How can I get my Google Contacts on the phone please without screwing my web database?

    09-19-2018 11:55 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Problem is you're just switching off the Contact Sync, deleting them offline, and then re-syncing... from a deleted database. You need to remove your Google account from the phone first, then delete, then re-add the account. That should download your contacts fresh, instead of overwriting them.

    If you turn sync off you're just pausing the sync process, not eliminating it... When you turn it back on, it takes whatever changes it notices (in your case, the deleted contacts) and updates your account.

    Another way of doing this without removing your account from the phone is going to your Application Manager, finding Contact Storage, and deleting cache/data off of it. This wipes your contact storage but doesn't flag a contact as deleted; if sync is ON, then the contacts will be forced to re-sync to the saved cloud version. This, however, will delete contacts stored locally (not to the cloud), so you'd lose those. Just be careful you don't have any saved to internal memory or SIM card.
    09-19-2018 01:31 PM

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