1. critta71's Avatar
    So last weekend I was using my phone to play music using the default music player that came with my phone and listening to it on a Bluetooth speaker.(playing music stored on phone) I then searched the net for a particular song and it found it and when i went to play it it wanted to use google play music. so i said yes.
    Well prior to this if I had phone connected to car streaming music it would always pull up the local music player.. But now it keeps coming up with the google play Which i dont want. I went through settings and set default music player to the one I wanted. rebooted phone to make sure it held setting and it did.. But for some silly reason it keeps defaulting to play songs from the google play music. I have to manually open the music player i want. select a song. then that takes over.
    Can someone shed some light on why and how to fix it.. Or advice me how I can get rid of the google play music. which it wont allow me to uninstall as apparently its an important system app. Which I highly doubt. Its more a way of google staying in control. But anyway.. any help appreciated.
    11-04-2018 08:26 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    You could try disabling Google Play Music.
    11-06-2018 06:34 AM
  3. critta71's Avatar
    No worries. Will loook into that. I have noticed that now that i have used spotify while in the car.. it now defaults to that. So obviously not a google play issue.. But I dont understand why it wont default to the music app that came with the phone like it used to. All good. not the end of the world... thanks any way
    11-08-2018 06:19 AM
  4. welshsteve's Avatar
    Hi all. I too have an odd, similar issue with my Huawei P20 Pro.

    I have set JetAudio, my preferred music app, as my default music player. When I turn on my bluetooth, JetAudio automatically opens ready. When I then press play on my bluetooth headphones, the app starts the music in JetAudio, but not every time. Sometimes the awful stock Huawei Music starts up and plays. Even if JetAudio does indeed start, if I then pause the music and leave it for 5 minutes, when I press play again, the stock music app opens and starts playing, despite me removing permissions to the storage from the app settings. When I go back to the app settings, the permissions are reset. I then have to force stop the app and start using the JetAudio app again manually until the bluetooth headphones do their job again. The app settings for the stock music app do not allow you to disable or uninstall it.

    Any ideas how I can stop this happening? I do not wish to root my phone, as it will invalidate my warranty and insurance and leave me on my own with a £800 phone I can't use if it goes wrong.

    I for one am sick to death of phone manufacturers not giving the consumer the option to get rid of apps they do not need. It's about time the rules of what manufacturers can do with android is restricted. If there's an app you don't want, whether you should be able to delete it.
    11-15-2018 08:21 AM

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