1. PhoneQuestions1011's Avatar
    I have an LG v30 and I have been having trouble with my volume output so the recommendation is to factory reset the phone.

    So my question is how do I do a backup of all of my settings and apps so that when I factory reset the phone...

    all of my icons are back to where they were,

    all of my settings are back,

    email and passwords are all back to original.

    In other words it would be so nice to have this phone return back to exactly the way it is right now without having to screw around... again... with setting it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    11-07-2018 07:37 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Is LG Backup available on that phone? https://www.lg.com/us/support/produc...4708841-others
    11-08-2018 11:41 AM

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