1. Hypnotic47's Avatar
    First of all,in my country, the 2 phones are at the exactly same price. The G7 has obviously better specs but I am not sure about a few:

    - The G7 has a LCD screen while the V30 has a OLEAD screen and I've heard some people say that the V30's OLEAD screen is bad and some that is great.(idk what to think and I am not sure if it's worth getting a LCD screen).

    - I am not sure if the G7 has the same rear camera quality as the V30. On paper it should but you can never know.

    -Does the G7 rear camera has the same features like the V30? (focus peaking,log format etc.) and btw these features and the camera in general is really important to me since I would like to edit and color grade the phone footage.(don't really care about front camera)

    -Can the G7 do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAth8g05tfs

    I would rather buy the phone with the better camera rather than general phone performance.

    Thank you!
    11-13-2018 03:11 PM
  2. Stefan Kozovski's Avatar
    I was about to open the same thread.
    Like Hypnotic47 I'm about to pick one of those 2. They are with the same price tag.
    I can answer to the host - as far as I researched g7 thinq DOESN'T have CINE-LOG, which is a bummer.
    I heard that the v30 OLED is causing issues. Also - no android 9.0, also snapdragon 835.
    IPS display on g7 is good as far as I see the reviews, (but blacks are sh*t). Snapdragon 845 though. Android 9.0
    Wide angle camera - not so wide, but high megapixel ratio.
    BUT, I want to make video - g7 has 60 fps on 4k, v30 doesn't

    the real question dude - is it worth it to pay the same price for an old phone, old processor, BUT OLED (which CAN cause problems). But WITH CINE-LOG.

    Please forum, tell us
    01-09-2019 08:39 AM

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