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    Hello friends,

    I successfully installed Lineage 8.1 (along with gapps) on my Redmi Note 4 and is working perfectly fine (without any crashes/hangs for last couple of days. But there're some issues like

    1) I tried to install TWRP multiple ways but it doesn't enter TWRP recovery mode on its own (when I press volume down+power) but instead it always stuck up at "Fastboot". So I use laptop to do that job every time I want to go TWRP recovery mode, by running 2 command at "cmd prompt" from laptop (this method works fine) =

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot boot recovery.img

    IF I try to install TWRP using xiomitool it throws "Error 1006: The device is offline or unauthorized" but from cmd prompt I see device list with "adb command" without any issue.

    How can I solve this issue to make my phone to TWRP (without using laptop) when I press "vol-down + power"?

    2) Now that I'm running custom ROM 8.1 on my redmi note 4, how to update it regularly, Does it get updates on its own OR should I manually download Lineage 8.1 updates/apply them?

    3) I did NOT root my device and am not interested to do that unless its of great advantage. Please advise if I should do that. If yes, which method is the best one (Magiks/Supersu etc.)

    11-14-2018 09:32 AM
  2. 7875504044's Avatar
    for point 1# I got solution that I need to press vol-UP + power (not vol-down button) silly me!
    but I need someone'e kind solution on point#2 & #3

    11-14-2018 03:02 PM

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