1. Chad Hamilton3's Avatar
    I have two unknown metered restrictions that are nothing but a series of numbers. 279-997-1044 and 377 54484 3. I have never connected to either of these Wi-Fi and never even scene and option to join these 2 restrcted metered connections. I also wanted to add that I've been hacked in harassed for the last four and a half almost 5 years and you can see a small demonstration of the hourly daily harassment if you type in Chromebook hacked and Debbie Lincoln's defense.
    When they took down the Apple store the way I proved it was I called a level 2 Apple advisor and then had him call an Apple store and get the manager on the phone. At that time I asked the Apple store manager to get on one of the iPads or MacBooks on the demo floor. once he got on then an iPad I asked him to tell me the crash logs that were on the device he said that the last crash was on October 14th and that he was busy and needed to open a store. I told him that for crashes would occur the second that I walked into his store and they were springboard, Ip sync, i p consolidate and aggregate and jetsamevent. Well I kept the Apple level two advisor on the phone with me and we drove to the store and sure enough time stamped to the minute all four of those crashes occurred and you can hear his reaction in the audio that I recorded to prove this atrocity. His reaction was I'm trying to wrap my head around this I don't even know where to go with this information. And you can hear that audio on YouTube if you type in Apple store crashes when I walk in. If anyone can help me please I would pay you for the rest of my life
    11-21-2018 03:14 AM
  2. Chad Hamilton3's Avatar
    I truly hope that this actually went up where people could read my cry for help because I've been trying to post informs and indifferent support chat groups this heinous activity for almost 5 years I've always seen nothing but errors. what led me to repost or attempted to repost my ongoing problem was when I read about some young man's Google icon not changing. Some experts danced around with justifications like it could be the theme in Galaxy apps or they needed to clear the cache or clear the data. all of these answers are inaccurate the answer to your question on why the Google icon will not update and change is because your network has been compromised and they don't want you to update your browser because they've discovered exploits and want to hold you within those exploits and by updating within sever their connections to your phone
    11-21-2018 03:23 AM
  3. Chad Hamilton3's Avatar
    One thing is that I would love to share some of my experiences and discoveries on how they're hacking into Apple accounts Chromebooks phones just because I've lived these exploits and would like to share this information so that others don't have to suffer like I have for 5 years
    11-21-2018 03:25 AM
  4. treetopsranch's Avatar
    Go ahead and share, i'm interested.
    11-21-2018 10:50 AM

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