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    Now I got the issue that was the main culprit of the error happening while flashing in EDL mode through mi flash tool .. .
    Current status of my phone- Nothings working no buttons working
    Black screen
    When I connect to PC blue led flashes. Without battery red led flashes only one time
    Phone detects as Qualcomm HS USB qdloader 9008 port

    And after that when I try to flash it .. the port kepps refreshing and the phone connects and disconnects...
    On the device manager it seems that the qdloader 9008 converts into diagonastics 9006 then reverts back to 9008. And in the disk management the Qualcomm mmc storage do the same just connects and 2 or 3 second later disconnects. Then reconects and disconnects..
    And at that point the flash tool gives the error....
    Changing usb wire and changing pc gives the same result .

    Now please suggest me a way to get rid out of it.
    The thread is very long sorry for that ....
    Please help me out .
    11-28-2018 12:45 PM

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