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    Wife and I are long time BB users. We are on TMobile U.S. Wife had thought of switching to an Android a year ago but then discovered you had to handle the physical phone to make a call. With BB you can give commands via touching and speaking via your BlueTooth headset. We are both addicted to the convenience of a headset. Simple to make calls by simple touching headset then speaking name or number to call.
    We were told that future Androids (phone and/or OS?) would correct this defect. Has that been corrected?

    Assuming that has been corrected: She would like a phone with a large screen. Maybe w. a touch screen or slide out keyboard. Important is ability to connect to fast connection.

    What models should we look at? If there is a killer model coming out in the next month or so, we can wait.


    06-11-2011 05:07 PM
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    Hey Mike,

    Froyo fixed the Voice Dial issue. The Native Voice dialer is OK, but there is also Vlingo in the market and it rocks.

    T-Mo has a bunch of great phones. I would take your time and dedicate a few hours to standing in a T-Mo store and playing with all of them. Each has its own feel and features and the best way to decide which one is for you is to spend some time with them.

    Have fun!
    06-12-2011 04:13 PM
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    Thanks for reply. Wife's "ancient" BB8900 is showing its age and TMo hasn't had a new BB since the 9700 series which will be 2 years old this fall. (I have the 9700.) The 9780 isn't really diff than the 9700.
    While we hate to go thru a learning curve - it may be time for at least one of us to go Android. It appears that at least one or more of their models has a full sized screen.
    We'll go to a nearby corp. store in off hours and spend some time.
    Question - do any of these screens operate like an ifone or iPad where you can "massage" the pic screen w. your fingers?
    Wife makes a lot of use of the voice dialing which has worked perfectly for years on BB. When she first tried an Android last summer she was told by the TM sales person that the next OS ver. would have that feature. (Which has been around for a long time - as I recall, even in dumb phones.)

    IF BB were coming out w. something new w. a full screen, she would wait. It looks like the BB9900 is next (maybe in a couple months) but that doesn't have a full screen. One is projected for the end of the year - but her present phone won't last that long.


    P.S. What does Vlingo have/do that the "built-in" voice dialing doesn't have?
    06-12-2011 08:29 PM
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    By messaging a picture/screen I assume you mean pinch to zoom and yep, all the current phones have that.

    You probably want to check out the G2x, the MyTouch 4g and the Exhibit which is coming soon.

    Vlingo does speech to text and text to speech very well. It also has better voice recognition then the stock in my opinion. It will also read you text and e-mails if you like.

    Have fun!
    06-12-2011 09:51 PM
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    PVille -
    Thanks for the reply - ESPECIALLY about pointing out the features of Vlingo!! I have a slight hand tremor which makes texting and emails a little more difficult. Sounds like Vlingo will transcribe my voice into text for those uses. I am going to look into that app - NOW. Need to see if I can use it on my existing BB.
    Thanks again -
    06-12-2011 10:26 PM
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    Vlingo is free on Android - I'm not sure if they have a BB version, but that just gives you an incentive to get two phones! LOL
    06-12-2011 10:58 PM