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    I use voice dial while driving, which means using Google Assistant. Most of the time it works ok, but I'm having a problem if I call a business in my list.

    Let's say I have a specific company in my list, which is also searchable on Google. I'll activate voice dialing and say "Call *insert business name here*" Instead of calling the specific number I have for that business in my contacts list, it does an online search and finds the business, then calls the general number it finds there. I don't want the general line, I need to use the direct number in my list. So how do I force this?

    Barring that, can I block all Assistant features EXCEPT voice dialing the contacts list (a requirement because I'm a trucker)? I don't use or even want Assistant, so I'd be perfectly happy to just disable any online searching. I can't simply block online access to the app, because the voice dial function still needs to access the Google servers to pull from that contact list. I discovered the hard way it does not search the phone's internal contact list.

    I tried searching a solution online, but all the results had to do with the Google Voice phone service, not voice activated dialing.
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    02-08-2019 08:49 AM
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    Did you find a solution to this issue yet?

    02-20-2019 12:17 PM
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    Did you find a solution to this issue yet?

    No I haven't.
    02-20-2019 01:40 PM

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