1. subvite's Avatar
    I have a issue with some games in my Nokia 6 (Snapdragon 430, 3gb Ram and Android 9.0)

    Some games don't work.

    The games that not work follow the same pattern. They start, looks for a second the title/load screen and close automatic returned to home menú.

    If I try to open for the second time they indicate me that the app is stopped unexpectedly.

    They're not intensive games (Plague Inc, Day R and Evoland 1)

    But nevertheless, others games like The Scapists or Pocket City working fine.

    I tried to delete caché + data + stopped. Restore preferences of aplications and reboot.

    The games are installed in the memory of the device. I don't use SD card. Ocasionally I use SD Maid for clean the system.

    All the games are downloaded of the Play Store. And I not a root.
    03-15-2019 05:29 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The phone runs the Snapdragon 430 (an 8-core A-53 processor built using the 28nm process and clocked at 1.4GHz) with an Adreno 505 GPU. Not a top of the line phone, not even a mid-range phone. A 625 woud have been a better choice. (The 430 fails on high graphics 3D games.)

    The single-core score (on Geekbench 4) is 630, the multi-core score is 2742. Compared to a Pixel 2 - single-core score is 1786, the multi-core score is 6127. And the Pixel 2 is no great gaming machine.

    So it's just that you're asking the phone to do more than it can.
    03-16-2019 05:47 PM

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