1. 123spongebob123's Avatar
    I used SmartSwitch on Old S10 + replacement to sd card. I backed up the defective S10+ to sd card figuring restore from that! Trying to restore to replacement phone from the file that is on SD card.
    When opening Smart Switch App on New S10 + only options is wireless or cable. They used to have 3 dots and setting to use External device as SD card. No options.
    I tried installing smart switch on PC and I when I manually search get folder and can not open it.
    It defaults to old file from Note 5 and that is it.
    Any suggestions or ideas how to restore my back up?
    Appreciated, thanks
    03-29-2019 02:49 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Look in the folder you put the Note 10 backup in, when the card is in the PC. Anything there? Anything you can open with even a hex editor?
    03-29-2019 04:32 PM
  3. 123spongebob123's Avatar
    I put the backed up file on SD card back in the S10+.

    Here were the steps to actually restore that back up file on new S10+-the filename on the folder was "smartswitch back up" and when opened it up had numbers.
    1: Connected phone with usb cable to computer
    2: Opened App on destop and connected with phone.
    3: Opened option to back up-directed to SD Card folder and hit back up-backed up file.
    4: After completed-I hit restore option-it restored it as restore (it did its thing said disconnect cable and said organizing files and did its thing. Nothing changed
    5: Kind of forgot steps but found restore file on phone and hit restore after entering password. This step actually restored back to old phone back up. Cool! (this last step did not write down but had to do this extra step to get it to download all back up-was confused at first after restoring-nothing happened until I did last step)

    Good Luck!!!!
    03-29-2019 06:22 PM

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