1. DragonSGC's Avatar
    So recently (last week) I updated my phone (Nokia 5.1) to Android Pie and most annoyingly I have really been struggling with notifications (yes I am aware that Adaptive battery might delay some applications notifications) particularly with Whatsapp (my primary chat app), going so far that the phone doesn't even wake when someone tries to phone me on the app and I will only get a missed call notification when I open the app, likewise I get notifications when I open the app.

    Naturally this causes some consternation with my friends and I, as I miss out on conversations (groups) and important info (pm's) because I am only getting the notifications when I open the app. I have enabled developer options and and have checked, adaptive battery has placed Whatsapp in the ACTIVE bucket. When my phone was on Oreo Whatsapp operated fine with its battery being optimised by doze. Even more strangely is that apps that are in the rare bucket (for example my banking app) have their notifications come through normally. Gmail annoyingly despite being exempt from adaptive battery has delayed notifications rather than having to open the app.

    I realise I will see advice about turning adaptive battery off and unoptimising apps that I have issues with I just feel its strange to basically undo all the work that google has done to try and maximise battery life and which before the 1st party tools were present we took great pains ourselves to try and maximise battery life, because when unoptimising whatsapp and my idle usage becomes poor even with me not using it, like 100% overnight to like 80% the next morning vs when its being optimised I have 99% the next morning.

    The only thing I have yet to do is a system cache wipe. Anyone have any suggestions?
    04-03-2019 04:55 AM
  2. Dinozg's Avatar
    Same problem here, and a lot of people has that problem on Android devices, no fix yet still looking for one and I've searched a lot about this problem.
    04-12-2019 02:46 AM

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