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    A family member of mine has a Redmi Note 5 since last September and has been a very happy user when one day, with no warning beforehand, a semi-circular, ring spot appeared on the right hand side of the screen, it looks like THIS now. It's not like it was getting worse for some time, it was just - one day it's OK, the next day, this appears. The phone hasn't been dropped, kept near any warm spot or constricted in any way, it has its separate pocket in the purse (and spends 95% of the day flat on the table anyways). Since appearing around 3 months ago, it became significantly longer vertically, like twice, as shown in the photo.

    After googling, this seems like it may be a low-quality glue issue after extensive heating of the device in normal usage. I've tried having this fixed under warranty but the store basically told me to go freak myself and I can't do much with that (well, there's warranty laws in my country for you) apart from going to court or paying for the repair from my pocket. Thus, I decided to first explore if there's anything I may try at home before doing either. Anybody had success with fixing this on their own somehow? I know the chances are slim but still, it'd be nice if I didn't have to shill out half the price of the phone to fix it now
    04-23-2019 02:23 PM

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