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    I have done research online for this issue and have tried the following:
    Restrict background apps.
    App updates are switched to WiFi only.

    Previous talk/text only Samsung phone never had data.

    The problem started when a store worker (this is a new phone) made a mistake and did not block data and of course, data showed up. The worker then unchecked 'mobile data' and said there would be no more data showing up. Since then there has been a tiny amount (always under 1 mb - around 0.0051 mb) showing up each month.

    This may sound weird but - since the phone once accepted data (mobile data was checked and mobile data was used) - does the phone now automatically leak tiny amounts of data?

    Also, the phone company does not want to help and insists that "phones sometimes do this since there are apps and apps can force data". The phone company also charges for data blocking and charges for data on a tier system. If this was a matter of a few cents it would be tolerable but there should be another option to completely block data and not have to pay for data blocking.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    05-17-2019 01:02 PM

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