1. Ned D's Avatar
    I've been unable to find an unlocked S10 5g. Samsung won't sell it to me directly, and none of the Verizon stores or certified dealers in the area will sell me one either without either a Verizon number, or a plan. Has anyone else been able to find one?
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    06-04-2019 05:16 PM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    I don't believe such a beast (unlocked S10 5G) exists. 5G is very much in its infancy, I would consider this device a test device and not really worth the price especially if you're buying it to be used on a network other than Verizon. With 5G the technology used by carriers is again differing, a device with 5G radios for Verizon won't work on AT&T 5G (when they finally get it running). AC has had podcasts on this topic in the last 6-8 weeks.
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    06-04-2019 05:45 PM
  3. Ned D's Avatar
    I want the bigger battery and I want to mess with the 3D camera. Plus it has the LPDDR4X, 10 nm chips. I've saved the money for it and that's what I want. I just can't seem to buy it.
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    06-07-2019 02:18 PM
  4. Zany Ack's Avatar
    06-07-2019 03:16 PM
  5. Ned2350's Avatar
    That's not Amazon, that's a 3rd party reseller. It looks super sketchy and they marked it up $700 to $2k. I bet someone buys it, though.
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    06-08-2019 04:57 PM
  6. methodman89's Avatar
    Get the one from Verizon. Once you pay it off, request the unlock code.
    06-08-2019 05:14 PM

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