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    Hey dudes, so I'm getting into rooting after dealing with a stock phone for about a year and being really sick of it. I recently got a pre-rooted G2x off craigslist. After playing with it for about a week, the phone is acting really weird, constantly freezing and being really slow (slower than my old mytouch 3g slide even... so much for dual core!) I'm hoping that changing the rom will give me the speed and stability I want so bad. I need to figure out if the phone is bad and see if I need to send it in for warranty or whatever.

    I'm going to try a new rom soon, but I was trying to backup my current rom and when it tries to backup, it says "Cannot mount /system!" What's that all about? Maybe I should just download a stock version of my factory rom, where can I get one for the g2x?

    Once I get all this figured out, I'm not exactly sure what I should try out for my first new rom. Of course I've heard many good things about Cyanogenmod... I figure for a root newbie, go with CM6? I looked at the stable g2x releases for 7 and nothing was shown, and I don't know if I should try a nightly (not even sure what those are...)

    Anyone have some trusted/safe G2x roms I could play around with that won't mess anything up?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    06-23-2011 12:03 PM
  2. Moscow Desire's Avatar
    Well, I don't have a G2.

    But, I would suggest you verify the root first. You should have a superuser icon in your apps. One of the easiest ways I found, to know if my root is good. Download SetCpu, and see if it gives permissions.

    If not, your root is false.

    As for your error message, I assume you are in Recovery when you do this. Or maybe you are in ROM Manager.

    Regardless, in Rom Manager, I would update to the latest CW recovery.

    Personally, I would boot to recovery and try the backup. If you get the mount error, I might suspect a bad SD. Run Checkdisk on it, and heck, format it to fat32 while youre at it. When it mounts the next time, it should create what it needs, as far as any auxillary directories.

    As for a ROM, well,,,,, you'll get a lot of opinions. CyanogenMod is the grand daddy of Roms. I would flash the latest stable version, and shy away from the nightlies.
    06-23-2011 02:34 PM
  3. Wilford Brimley's Avatar
    well i'm in a hurry but coupla things: It's rooted, turns out there was mod on it already from what the guy I bought it from put on it. it sucks, so now I reflashed the stock onto it and it seems to be able to restore nicely. Now I can start experimenting with some other ROMS. or figure out if I should just bring it in for warrarenty or not.

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of cm6 stable version that would work on my phone? I tried to look at cm7's but its all nighties....

    more updates as they come.

    Thanks for the help so far.
    06-23-2011 10:49 PM
  4. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Nightlies are deemed experimental but depending on the build, it could be pretty stable for daily use. I would suggest backing up your current ROM through recovery (nandroid backup) and install a nightly and see how it goes. If all else fails and you don't like it, just restore the backup.
    06-23-2011 11:43 PM
  5. Wilford Brimley's Avatar
    ...so is there a copy of cm6 that I could put on my g2x? That way I know it's stable and all, right? ...or am I missing something here?

    I figure since there's nothing but nightlies, try the lower version's stable, right? now I just need to figure out where to download the zip!
    06-24-2011 12:10 AM
  6. srkmagnus's Avatar
    T-Mobile G2x | CyanogenMod

    There is no CM6 build for the G2X..just the nightly CM7 builds. If you are looking for a ROM other than CM try xda-developers since that forum has an active G2X community with custom ROM builds.
    06-24-2011 12:18 AM
  7. Moscow Desire's Avatar
    When you say G2x, Cyanogen does have a stable version for the G2.

    Considering I am ignorant of Carrier rebranding,,,,,
    06-24-2011 04:14 AM
  8. srkmagnus's Avatar
    He's referring to the LG G2X. HTC Makes the G2; I know what you mean about the Re-Branding through :-(
    06-24-2011 08:34 AM
  9. Moscow Desire's Avatar
    He's referring to the LG G2X. HTC Makes the G2; I know what you mean about the Re-Branding through :-(
    Thanks SRK, I'm in East Europe, and sometimes, the models differ from what the carriers "re-brand" it as.

    Honestly, they took Pyramid, and rebranded as Sensation. Sounds like a Viagra advert.

    LG and Samsung, started out making Vacuume cleaners and monitors....
    06-24-2011 09:25 AM
  10. Wilford Brimley's Avatar
    Thanks guys. So far I've managed to get Eagle blood working and installed a sexy theme too. Now I just need to figure out why my bluetooth isn't working... I'll make a new post.
    06-24-2011 04:53 PM
  11. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Did you check the ROM thread to see if it's supposed to be working or not?
    06-24-2011 05:00 PM
  12. srkmagnus's Avatar
    I just took a look at doesn't seem to say if Bluetooth is working or not. It's sync'ed with Cyanogenmod, meaning it might be consistent with the nightly builds.
    06-24-2011 05:08 PM