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    Hello again, I want to ask a question related to YouTube video streaming. In a community post from yesterday I've asked about my new ZTE and it's overheating issue, which I sort of figured out through various settings being altered, etc. But the new problem I occur is YouTube videos with a 720p resolution running in 60 frames to start lagging at random moments. It's worth noting that the phone has an Octa-Core ARM 1.5Ghz processor with a Mali GPU.
    On my previous phone which had a 1.3ghz Quad-Core processor I didn't experience any issue while playing 720p 60p videos. With all of this in place, is there a technical positive difference between a Quad and an Octa?
    My current phone has android 7.0 running and the older 5.0.
    07-03-2019 03:51 PM

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