1. Nikita H's Avatar
    Phone: Redmi Note 6 Pro (Model: M1806E7TG)
    OS: Android 9 PKQ1.180904.001
    Provider: H2O Wireless (runs on AT&T's GSM 4G LTE network)

    I have just purchased this phone brand new and unlocked from the manufacturer.
    I inserted my H2O Wireless SIM card into the new phone.
    (This SIM card worked perfectly in my old phone.)


    I can place/receive/answer calls, send/receive SMS messages, and access the internet with or without a WiFi signal.

    When I receive an MMS message, I can't read/see the content of the message.

    Instead, I am prompted to download the message.

    If I try to download the message, it never finishes downloading.

    Here is an image of the screen with a few MMS messages that won't download:

    Cannot Send/Receive/Download MMS Messages-img_20190727_121509.jpg

    Sometimes, I don't receive the message at all.


    I called my service provider, and they walked me through creating and selecting the appropriate APN for my device.

    In Settings --> SIM cards and mobile networks:

    Mobile data is turned on.

    MMS settings are set to "always receive MMS"

    In Settings -->SIM cards and mobile networks --> SIM card settings -->Mobile networks:

    Automatically select network --> automatically choose preferred network (H2O) is the only option, and it is turned on.

    In the Messaging app that came pre-installed on the phone:

    Settings --> Additional settings:

    "Download MMS content automatically" is turned on.

    "Download MMS content when roaming" is turned on.

    (Another texting app (called Pulse) was installed on the phone, but I cleared the data on that app and uninstalled it to determine if that app was causing the issue. It had no effect.)

    *** What else should I do to be able to send/receive MMS? ***
    07-27-2019 12:30 PM
  2. tube517's Avatar
    Did you ever try Pulse at all to see if that worked before you uninstalled it?
    07-27-2019 12:35 PM
  3. Nikita H's Avatar
    Yes. It was installed before I ever tried texting on this phone, but MMS messaging did not work on Pulse or the pre-installed Messaging apps.
    07-27-2019 01:08 PM
  4. Morty2264's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central!

    I recommend downloading Textra (a free SMS app with awesome developer support) to see if you can indeed get MMS messages that way. I've used Textra off and on (Pro version) for years and have no complaints! Perhaps give it a try and let us know what happens!
    07-27-2019 02:58 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Can you confirm that the MMSC, MMS Proxy, and MMS Port entries in your APN settings are the same as what you see here? https://www.whistleout.com/CellPhone...s-APN-Settings
    07-28-2019 12:55 AM

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