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    Sorry for the complicated subject line.

    I have a group text with my wife, who is another GV user and my parents, which are both non-GV users. My wife and I use hangouts, my parents use the stock app. Everything has been working fine up until this morning.

    This morning they started receiving my group text messages as a stand alone text, saying it was from Unknown Sender, and each message is "Message Not Found". My wife sees the texts like normal. When she replies to the text, I see it like normal, but my parents get the same "Message Not Found".

    We can send individual texts just fine. This just affects group texts.

    Anyone else having this issue?
    08-02-2019 01:36 PM
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    So it sounds like you've done some troubleshooting but stopped a bit short. If I'm reading your post properly, you sent out the message, everyone received something, your wife received the message as sent, your parents did not and additiaonlly they received the massage as if sent exclusively to them and not as part of the group chat, correct?

    What happens if your wife replies?

    What happens one of your parents replies?

    Have you checked your settings to see if you are sending messages to a group or individuals? There is a setting, usually, I'm not 100% on Hangouts haven't used it in a millennia, that allows the sender to send messages as MMS, which include everyone in the group and everyone can see the other recipients and reply to all, or SMS, where messages, even when grouped with others, are sent as individual chat threads and replies are only between the sender and the recipient. Initially it sounds like you were using the former, but an update or other issue may have caused this to change accidentally. I wouldn't think using GV numbers vs using all carrier based numbers would have any affect on what is happening, especially if it was working prior to this just fine.

    Do your parents have the same devices? Are they using the same SMS app? I understand that they are using the stock app but if one has a Samsung and the other a Moto the stock app won't be the same.

    Check those settings, if they turn up nothing, run the tests I suggested and reply here to this thread and we will get you some more advice.

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    08-07-2019 01:27 AM

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