1. woodnt's Avatar
    I have several Google TTS voices, but today, it only plays the default English(American) voice on my Samsung Tab A SM-T387aa tablet.

    What I have tried:
    - Reboot
    - Disable Google TTS
    - Wipe Google TTS app data and cache
    - Wipe system partition cache from boot menu
    - Wiped cache for Google Play Services

    This shows a weird list of TTS files on the T2S app. I only have 4 downloaded but it shows all these others related. It didn't used to show that.


    I'm not rooted in this device.

    08-14-2019 12:33 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Those are all the languages available - if you choose one, the tablet is going to download it. They're not "corrupted" files you already have on the tablet.
    08-14-2019 01:11 PM
  3. woodnt's Avatar
    I'm assuming they are corrupted because Google TTS won't switch to any of them, just the default English(American). This occurs in multiple apps. And it didn't used to list them this way. Just said English United Kingdom Female Voice 1, etc, not files like UK en-gb-x-gbc-local.
    08-14-2019 02:00 PM

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