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    I received the Pie update last week and as soon as I updated my HTC U11 I began experiencing audio playback issues specifically on Snapchat and Instagram.

    When I record a Snap or Instagram video and there is music playing either from my phone or in the car the audio for the music only sounds muffled and only has drum and symbols prominent in the recording, the bass and guitars sounds like they're underwater. I've tested this with and without me speaking and the issue is the same.

    When I playback what I just recorded it plays about 1 second of crisp clear music and then you hear the quality drop and turns into the issue I described above.

    I've tested my phones video camera and it records and plays back the music without any issues.

    I've had about 3 updates for each app since and I test it with both apps and no luck. I've cleared the cache, restarted my phone, re-installed the apps but the issue persists. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas of what it may be? Is anyone else experiencing this?
    09-18-2019 03:41 AM

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