1. nu2c3llfn's Avatar
    Back in early August, contacted Frontier for service on dead landline. In conjunction with tech visit, text messages for the work ticket were sent to my Alcatel Pixi Glitz I was using to contact them. Tech work was done on August 12th, but, TO THIS DAY, I continue to receive text messages reminding me tech will be arriving ON AUGUST 12TH!!

    Have spent countless hours on phone with various depts at Frontier trying to get them to stop the text messages, to no avail. One of the response options in the texts is to report the issue FIXED, which one would assume would close out the associated ticket. Tried it, twice, didn't work. Was also advised to try using STOP. Did it, twice, nothing. Have searched Google, YouTube and this forum for possible instructions on how to block the texts but coming up empty. Not finding block options on the phone (perhaps due to age or being basic model).

    The idiots at Frontier have made 'adjustments,' changed my notifications, allegedly removed my cell phone from their records....one rep suggested the only way to stop the texts was to get a new phone number (not going to happen). The last rep I talked to at Frontier suggested contacting president of Frontier and filing complaint of harassment. (As of this post, well over 80 texts and counting...) Looking for any and all ideas. Help! TIA.
    09-23-2019 12:47 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    About the only thing you can do is block their number. Small carriers aren't great at doing tech support on their own equipment.
    09-23-2019 01:13 PM
  3. nu2c3llfn's Avatar
    About the only thing you can do is block their number. Small carriers aren't great at doing tech support on their own equipment.
    Thanks. Took couple tries but was able to create a Contact for the phone number associated with the messages and there is option to block the number. (Just received another text. Frontier, for as large a communications concern as they are, should have the ability to just 'close' the ticket, with a simple click, and terminate any communication associated with it. Duh!) Will see what happens. Appreciate the quick assist.
    09-23-2019 01:56 PM
  4. nu2c3llfn's Avatar
    Didn't work. The number I blocked is the phone number shown in 'Message Details.' Instead of blocking, I received two more texts!!! ARGH!! Some other number I should be looking for, attempting to block? I'd also looked at possibility of installing a blocking app from Google Play store but the ones I looked at weren't compatible. I'm just not tech savvy enough to know of more troubleshooting options. Suggestions?

    ETA: Okay, am clearly confused. Looked at 'Message Details' for texts I have from pharmacy and noted same phone number so apparently some number which routes texts. Tons of Google searches for that number. (I'm SO not tech savvy...) Still unclear which number I'm looking to block? Thanks, again...
    09-23-2019 02:32 PM
  5. nu2c3llfn's Avatar
    Three chats, several text messages and one phone call with Tracfone trying to address text message issue. They suggested changing phone number. Did it reluctantly for having had old number for so long, digit combo with certain significance. No sooner changed than the same spam texts, and spam voicemail, from the old number, immediately started showing up. Told they're being routed to the phone's serial number, rather than phone number, can't be stopped. So changed the number for nothing...more wasited time and effort.
    09-26-2019 09:39 PM

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