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    Our company uses Honor 7s phones (40 of them to be precise) we use a generic industry specific app to send data from our office to the phones. Each phone is allocated 1gb data per month. We use Mobilock kiosk to lock down the phones, however anyone with any intelligence can bypass the lock by pulling the screen down from the top to access the settings cog and alter various settings. We need a way to completely lock these phones so that no user access can be gained. Mobilock kiosk is okay but it's not brilliant and doesn't do the job required. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    10-03-2019 02:08 AM
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    SureLock locks the phone by replacing the launcher (but it's limited to 2 apps and it's not free - there's a free trial version).

    Kiosk Browser Lockdown may work for you.

    Try https://help.zenplanner.com/hc/en-us...0%9C%22Section

    Or you can try rooting the phones and removing Write permission to the Settings app, then unrooting. (See https://www.techdroidtips.com/root-huawei-honor-7s/ Use method 4 - Magisk. Just use the TWRP img file, don't install TWRP. After you've shut Settings down, run the Magisk app and restore the boot image. No signs of rooting will be left (except that Settings can't change anything).

    The problem is, though, that anyone with sufficient knowledge can do exactly the same thing and defeat whatever you do to keep them from changing things. Even if you uninstall the Settings app while rooted, some user can root the phone, then install Settings again.

    About the only foolproof way (and it's still not foolproof - someone could root and flash a stock ROM) would be to hire a developer familar enough with AOSP that he could rewrite Android to not allow any apps to run except but the ones you want to run. (And even that can be defeated by a really knowledgeable person.)

    It depends on the level of your employees, and the level of their friends and relatives. There's nothing you can do to any computer that someone can't figure a way to defeat unless you entirely rewrite the operating system. (I did that once, back in 1980. Even the developer of the operating system took quite a while to just figure out what I'd done. [After that it took him about 2 minutes to defeat it. Programming is thinking, not typing, and sometimes it takes months to think of what's happening.])
    10-03-2019 01:48 PM

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