1. fazal ur rehman Sharif's Avatar
    Getting MD5 key instead of app name when uploading apk to Airwatch Native Application. In normal scenario it should be displaying actual app name defined in menifest file of android application but i am getting this weird MD5 key everytime i upload apk file. Can any one tell me why this is happening? please see this image https://ibb.co/FXFyH9s
    11-15-2019 02:26 AM
  2. fazal ur rehman Sharif's Avatar
    Issue was resolved through changing "android:label" in application tag of menifest. I valued label with direct string instead of string resource. what you have to do is to make sure your "@string/app_name" in menifest must be assigned like this android:label="@string/app_name" .
    11-18-2019 02:25 AM

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