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    Ok is there a way where I can place a app on the memory card and the app will automatically install it's self. Remember this tablet has no file manager app nor does it have the option to see your storage or go to the internet. It does have a document app and when you enter certain inputs a form of file pops up but with no data. When you click it'll tell that file is not supported something like that it's weird. What would happen if I plug to my computer? I don't know don't have the mini USB cable yet. It also doesn't have volume buttons so doing a factory reset is not a option. Now sending the tablet to Union Supply Company is also not a option - they issue a pamphlet stating "Upon your release they will no longer provide you with any Media content, that you are to provide it on your own". I will be buying the mini USB cable in two months from now so let's find out if that's true probably sooner. It is Android based but partition with a shell of Union Supply program. Can somebody recommend me to someone or to some good tutorial guide. Don't tell me to send to company please they stopped manufacturing this devices they don't care. It's up to us to figure this out. So yeah.
    11-24-2019 03:31 PM
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    This sounds like a prison-issued video player. You can watch the videos already on it, but that's about it. Everyone is asking about them, but the answer is "they're not of much use, unless you have something on it that you really like and want to keep watching it in the future". Don't waste your money on the cable, unless you just want to keep it charged. (They give it to you upon release because it's not worth very much. If they gave you a cheap pair of shoes, the shoes are worth more.)
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    11-25-2019 04:54 PM

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