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    I just got a new S10+ and it's in a fairly default 'as delivered' state. I'm a big fan of voice recognition as I can't stand typing on the (relatively) small screen, and was extremely happy with my previous Samsung S7 setup. What I found with my new S10+ is, the general 'ok, google' (google assistant) voice recognition was great, but voice recognition in the 'text' (SMS) app was disappointing. I then dug into "who's" voice recognition is in play' and found a confusing situation. I finally figured out that I was using Samsung's voice-to-text engine, and I figured out how to switch to Google's, but then I couldn't figure out how to repeat the process. The following is hopefully helpful to others trying to make this switch.

    Ultimately, I found this screen (Settings / General Management / Language and input / On-screen keyboard ):
    Samsung S10+ - confused by voice recognition options-screenshot_20200131-212745_settings-crop.jpg
    This is telling me my 'default keyboard' is samsung keyboard (but this has nothing to do with who/what is doing voice-to-text, it would seem). The rest of the information there is not exactly clear - is it telling me what I have, offering things to change, or what ... the answer is revealed by selecting 'Manage Keyboards', which shows this:

    Samsung S10+ - confused by voice recognition options-clipboard02.jpg
    This shows the Samsung keyboard is selected and grayed out - not changeable (because, presumably, I haven't yet installed any alternate Keyboards). It shows me that 'Google Voice Typing' is selected, and the last entry - Samsung Voice Input - tells me I'm NOT using Samsung's Voice-to-Text engine (and thus, I believe, that Google's / Android's default voice-to-text engine is in use) (Ignore the 'passwdSafe' entry). When composing a text message, the voice-to-text screen looks like this - note the 'google' logo:

    Samsung S10+ - confused by voice recognition options-googleversion.jpg

    Now, if I turn on the 'Samsung voice input' option above, and I compose a text message and use 'voice-to-text', I see this:

    Samsung S10+ - confused by voice recognition options-samsungversion.jpg

    Note the absence of the google logo. The ABSENCE of the google logo is the clue that I'm no longer using Google's voice-to-text.

    NOTHING else changes - it still shows 'Google Voice Typing' as selected (which is really confusing!) So I believe, the way to interpret the 'Manage Keyboards' screen is - 'Google Voice Typing' is telling you that Google Assistant is active. 'Samsung Voice input' is telling you that Samsung is/is not doing the voice-to-text in SMS app (at least). "Samsung voice input" = off means Google's voice engine in play. "Samsung voice input" = on means Samsung's voice engine in in play - even though 'Google Voice Typing' is also on in both cases.
    02-01-2020 04:11 PM
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    I have the following entries in my contacts:

    Cathy Smith (plus one other 'Cathy')
    Kathy Jones (plus two other 'Kathy's)

    If I say "ok google, call Cathy Smith" it won't find the entry (I believe it's looking for 'Kathy Smith'). But if I say "ok google, call Kathy Jones" it works as expected.

    If I ask Google Assistant to just 'Call Kathy' (by voice command - "OK, Google - call Kathy") it will list the three entries in my contacts that are spelled Kathy but it won't offer the two that are called 'Cathy'.

    Obviously, the verbal distinction between Kathy vs Cathy is non-existent, but rather than showing all 5 possible matches (Cathy and Kathy) it always defaults to Kathy and shows just three.

    If I TYPE the request into google assistant - "Call Cathy" brings up the two Cathy's as expected.

    I've tried (verbally) 'call Cathy with a C', 'call Cathy spelled with a C', "call C A T H Y", etc to no avail - it will ALWAYS bring up the K's only.

    Does anyone know how to address this?
    02-06-2020 12:52 AM
  3. me just saying's Avatar
    since it is your private call list, just use kathy.
    02-06-2020 05:24 AM
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    Go to contacts, edit, add the last name to the first name line. GA will diferentiate them going forward. Good luck
    02-06-2020 06:15 AM
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    On the software development side, there are multiple fixes available for this.

    Workarounds for the user are a bit more limited.
    As already suggested, you can misspell the C version with a K just to keep the software working.
    Also, see if your contacts app lets you add "nicknames" or the like. If so, try adding the "Kathy" as Cathy's nickname and see if that helps.
    02-06-2020 09:56 PM
  6. mustang7757's Avatar
    02-07-2020 08:44 AM

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