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    Hello, my name is Marco Silva.

    I'm a software tester and currently my colleagues are testing a Coship Set Top Box with Android software. They have run a set of CTS and GTS tests, and some of them failed. I was tasked to map which of the tests failed but i'm having some troubles doing it. For example, in the list of modules that failed, the armeabi-v7a CtsActivityManagerBackgroundActivityTestCases and armeabi-v7a CtsAlarmManagerTestCases were two of them, with one and two tests failed respectevely. How can i map on each module which tests actually failed? I have installed the android cts on my laptop even though i can't run it, since it only runs on linux or mac, but i can see that each pack of tests cases is a Apk file. I've already installed Android Studio to try to open the apk files in order to try to map their contents, but still i'm having problems trying to map the tests each apk file contains. Does anyone have some insight on this?

    03-24-2020 06:45 AM

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