1. EndRacism's Avatar
    Does data use automatically default to WiFi over Cellular Data.
    03-29-2020 04:36 AM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Depends on the type of connection the app is asking for. While apps can ask specifically for "wifi" or "cel data", "best available" is the most common request and will always do wifi when wifi is available even when cel data is also available.
    03-29-2020 05:58 AM
  3. EndRacism's Avatar
    To Maniac Joe, thanks for tip! Didn't know that! I'm on a temporary prepaid service for 40 days with 2 GB data and need to make sure when I'm on WiFi data doesn't get wasted for when I'm traveling. With a new phone, I may have misread WiFi vs cellular but it seems cellular was the only thing used when on wifi during set up of a new phone. As a precaution I shut off data while roaming and mobile data just to certain. It's gonna be a long 40 days!
    03-29-2020 09:47 AM
  4. jameny5's Avatar
    I would say no. If your WiFi is not turned on No. If it is on and you have your SSID and Password stored or you allow open networks - I would say yes. But on my phone I saw a notification from Android System by McDonald's saying their was an open network available. Which was probably theirs. It did not connect automatically. The data is being output with a cellular connection. So, there are different scenarios on whether your device will or will not automatically connect to WiFi.
    03-30-2020 05:19 AM
  5. me just saying's Avatar
    I too would have to say no unless it is your own wifi or in some cases you accessed it before. if you are out and about using public wifi, you may have to go through some portal where you have to agree to their terms first before accessing.
    03-30-2020 08:42 AM
  6. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    I may have assumed a bit too much for the circumstances.

    As others have mentioned, to use a wifi system, you need to be signed in with a password or the wifi needs to be open to the public without a password. Just because your phone detects the wifi system does not mean it will be used.
    03-30-2020 09:49 PM

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