1. Rishit123's Avatar
    I have had this tablet for an year and its been my main device. Over the last week it had been charging very slowly even in safe mode. It restarts forever while charging or shuts down and charges only 0 to 20 percent in 6 hours. I the original charger and cable. It is usb-c. Help me out as I have been missing my online classes and accounts a lot of my grade.
    04-14-2020 02:03 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The battery might be dying. I'm guessing you got it as a refurb, so it's always hard to tell how hard the previous owner might have used the battery. You could try installing AccuBattery and using its Battery Health feature to see what it says.
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    04-14-2020 02:29 AM
  3. Rishit123's Avatar
    It's original, I got it from the store.
    04-14-2020 03:13 AM
  4. Mooncatt's Avatar
    The first suspect of slow charging would be a bad USB cable. I would try replacing it with a known good one and see if charging improves.

    Has the battery been draining quickly as well?
    04-14-2020 05:44 AM
  5. Rishit123's Avatar
    No. It hasn't.
    04-14-2020 05:53 AM
  6. Rishit123's Avatar
    Also the battery drains while I am using it when it is charging.
    04-14-2020 05:54 AM
  7. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Ok. Try a new cable and also check that the USB port is clean and not full of debris. If that doesn't work, the charging block may be going out (though this is not as common). If none of that works and the ONLY symptom is slow charging and/or decreased charged level when plugged in and using it, then it could be a hardware fault in the device and require a repair shop to diagnose and fix.
    04-14-2020 05:58 AM
  8. Rishit123's Avatar
    How could I get one during the lockdown.
    04-14-2020 09:02 AM
  9. Rishit123's Avatar
    Also it gets in a bootloop while shutdown and charging. And turns on anyway.
    04-14-2020 09:03 AM
  10. Mooncatt's Avatar
    How could I get one during the lockdown.
    That depends on where you are, I guess. If you can still go out for groceries, the store is likely to have cables. Online shopping is another option.
    04-14-2020 09:09 AM
  11. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Does the battery discharge quickly as well, or is it only a slow charging issue? If it discharges really quickly, then I'd still suspect a failing battery. But if it discharges normally, then I'd agree with Mooncatt. You should be able to order a new USB-C cable on Amazon -- make sure it's from a well-known company like Belkin, and that it has a lot of positive reviews. I assume you have different charging plugs you could use at home, but if not, order a new plug as well.
    04-14-2020 10:31 AM
  12. Rishit123's Avatar
    The issue was resolved, turns out the usb cable broke from the inside. I bought a good cable from Anker.
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    04-15-2020 06:45 AM
  13. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Glad you got it figured out. I always try to keep one or two spare cables on hand just for that reason.
    04-15-2020 06:49 AM

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