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    The complete collection of open access journals from redalyc.org now mobile.

    Redalyc Mobile App is an application for freely view, read or download hundreds of thousands of scientific and academic articles indexed by redalyc.org.

    A growing collection of journals from Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal available under the open access initiative -which promotes free access to scientific knowledge- now ready for your smartphone.

    A wide variety of articles can be consulted from a large variety of fields, including education, economics, law, medicine, biology, physics, engineering, philosophy, architecture, geography, culture, among others.

    - Search a database of hundreds of thousands of articles, essays and reviews.
    - Read texts, in PDF format with an integrated file viewer that allows a comfortable and adequate visualization.
    - Find hundreds of scientific journals from different areas.
    - Browse issues and volumes of each journal.
    - Download full texts.
    - Read article’s abstracts in up to 4 languages.
    - Meet authors and affiliations.
    - Customize colors.
    - Get news through Twitter.

    Download: https: //market.android.com/search?q=redalyc&so=1&c=apps
    Contact http://twitter.com/#!/ariannabec
    08-29-2011 04:58 PM