1. slinky317's Avatar
    Interesting article - really brings up some good points about the Android OS.

    My question is, what version of HTC Sense are they using there? It doesn't look like anything I've seen. Look at the bottom where the Phone button is. I like it - looks more sleek.

    10 Things Android Does Better Than iPhone OS | Maximum PC
    06-03-2010 02:37 PM
  2. NVNJ's Avatar
    Goood stuff bro. Thanks
    06-03-2010 10:01 PM
  3. Droid800's Avatar
    I saw this earlier, and to be blunt its a pathetic list. They seemingly chose some of the most absurd reasons why Android is 'better', but ignored some other pretty significant ones. 1, 3, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are just ridiculous.

    1) Yeah, Android can multi-task. So can iPhone OS 4.0. Granted, the concepts are different, but the end result to the user is the same. In this article they may claim the Android version is 'better', (and for some power users, it will be), but to 95% of users they won't know the difference between the two.

    3) They really think Android has the better App Store? This is by far the most ridiculous. In the write-up they claim that apple rejects apps based on simplicity or duplicity of features with other apps. That is nonsense. Apple rejects apps based on whether they violate the iPhone developer contract, and whether they duplicate Apple's built-in features. (though apple has not rejected any apps using that reasoning for a long while) To claim that the Android Market is better because the consumers somehow drive the best apps to the top is ridiculous; apple's store works the same way.

    While the Android Market is getting better, it is nowhere near the app store yet. The apps are getting better every day (witness double twist), but the apps in apple's store are by far the highest quality and offer the user the most options.

    Point 3 alone made me not want to take anything on the list seriously.

    7) How many Android users know about this? I mean, really? For developers, this is a great thing for android. But for the majority of users, they don't give two ****s about this.

    8) So? Widgets can be good, but they also are another app running. They're a double-edged sword.

    9) Well duh. Google is highly integrated because Android IS google. Facebook they have no argument with, because it integrates similarly in iPhone OS 3, and more so in 4. (and what's the point of deep integration if the integrated facebook app SUCKS like on Android)

    10) Meh. Apple is committed to a three-tiered pricing strategy, and that won't change. The user has price options, just because they aren't as wide as some crappy free android phone doesn't mean its an Android advantage. (and would you really take a moto backflip or Cliq over a 3Gs or 3G?)

    A lot of the points that this writer makes are very subjective and geared towards a specific group of people. Just because they might make android better for a certain subset (e.g. geeks) doesn't mean it translates to the majority of buyers.
    06-04-2010 12:25 AM
  4. darreno1's Avatar
    Nice to see Android getting the recognition it deserves.
    06-04-2010 07:42 AM
  5. kroman1107's Avatar
    I have an eris and have used an i phone before and as much as i love my droid the i phone did run alot smoother. cannot remember when the browser closed suddenly or i had any real issues. But i think the drois os just needs polishing which will come over time i do like my eris alot and like the fact there is actual competition for the i phone. this at&t apple monopoly was getting old. The hold out cost apple alot of money if they just thought a little bigger ie google/droid.
    06-04-2010 08:49 AM
  6. ItnStln's Avatar
    This reminds me of the ten things your iPhone can't do over at crackberry.
    06-06-2010 01:11 AM
  7. dekcufi's Avatar
    Apple product are for people who enjoy being limited......
    06-12-2010 02:02 PM
  8. techdaring's Avatar
    I do agree that the Android OS is better than iOS of Apple this time but they also under developing and in future, there are no sure if they don't better than Android.
    06-21-2010 10:33 AM
  9. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    Apple product are for people who enjoy being limited......
    Or those with a sick AT&T fetish
    06-21-2010 03:07 PM