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    Hey everyone,

    I need this community's awesome expertise to help me decide which tablet to buy. First consideration: keep cost as low as possible and still get a good experience. Right now, I'm debating between the Transformer Prime and Google's (ahem, ASUS's) Nexus 7. I've heard much of the scuttle online about the available storage on the 8G Nexus, so I plan to do 16G if I go that route.

    Here's my use case: for personal Andoird stuff, I'll just have basic browsing and experimenting with new apps. Nothing too magical there. However, I'd like to stop lugging my laptop around multiple buildings at work. I have a Citrix hosted VDI, so I can login to a full Windows desktop. I've used the company iPads and found the experience lacking, majorly due to trying to click precise places in Windows. This drives me to an Android tablet for their mouse support.

    I borrowed an original Galaxy Tab from a friend of mine for a few days. The experience on the 7" screen wasn't horrible. It was usable, albeit a bit cramped while panning around Windows. This got me real excited when the Nexus 7 was announced. If I go the Nexus route, the plan would be to buy a keyboard-case for it and carry a slim Bluetooth mouse (might consider a Bluetooth touchpad).

    The other option would be to pickup the Transformer. Trying to reduce price, I'd take the original, but the keyboard dock is quite expensive, too. Browsing around Google Shopping just now revealed the Transformer Prime for $202 and the docking stations for $105. This puts the price in line with the Nexus. This seems like the ideal solution for the VDI.

    I think the 7" size is ideal for tablet use. I hate virtual keyboards. They're too small on phones and too large on 10" tablets. Seven inches is about the sweet spot for me personally when it comes to a virtual keyboard. The keys are big enough to press accurately but not too hard to reach. Phone apps (most of the market) don't look too odd when stretched to a 7" size. The Nexus will always be at the head of the software update line. However, I'm afraid I'll regret not having the larger screen while using the VDI. Also, the Tranformer package is much more nicely integrated than the Nexus approach.

    What to do?
    08-07-2012 08:11 AM
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    If VDI is an important use for you then get the bigger tablet. You already said it wasn't a good experience on a 7" tablet. Of course, that could also be due to the resolution. The Nexus 7 and Transformer Prime both have the same resolution.

    One thing to consider is that they both only have wifi built in, so a data connection won't come with either one.

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    08-07-2012 11:19 AM
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    The only places I expect to use my VDI is at work and occasionally at home. Both have WiFi available. I don't plan to use it while 'out and about' so the data connection shouldn't be an issue. If some point arises where I need data while mobile, I can always tether to my smartphone.

    The resolution between the two tabs is a good point. In my test period with my friend's Galaxy Tab, I had to do a great deal of panning to read something. I was also using the on-screen keyboard, so I only had a windows desktop in the narrow portrait square left over. With my purchase, I'll have an external keyboard in either case, so that should give me a lot more usable space.

    If I do the N7, I'll most likely be leaving the keyboard and mouse at work to carry less on my commute. I'll feel comfortable reading my RSS feeds and other personal use on the 7" screen. If I go with the 10" Transformer, I won't be comfortable with the on-screen keyboard which will require keeping it in the dock, even at home. I wonder if this makes the overall tablet experience too cumbersome.

    Oh, what to do?
    08-08-2012 07:48 AM
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    Sounds like the Nexus 7 might be better for you based on what you've said. A 7" tablet seems more natural to use when reading. Definitely easier to hold one handed for longer periods of time.
    08-09-2012 12:45 AM
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    I would pick nexus 7
    08-09-2012 04:12 AM