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    After reading about HTCs hardships and the very real possibility of Android being forked by a large company, probably Samsung, I think it's time for Google to build its own handsets.

    Follow me down this crazy road.

    Why not buy HTC and merge them with Motorla? Crazy? Yeah, a little. Huge regulations to overcome? Oh, hell yeah. Not to mention the time require to do this or HTCs building of Windows Phones.

    But imagine the rewards. Both Motorola and HTC have the ability to take on Samsung if joined together and with that combined might your left with two options regarding Samsung.

    Samsung would either fork Android, as I think they will do now. Or it would force them to fall in line with Googles guidelines.

    Google having its own branded devices could finally push out their own vision of Android to all. I know we all dream that all devices were stock, or at least that more devices were stock to begin with besides the Nexus.

    Google could make it happen. And this isn't just about stock devices.

    Android is going to live or die by what Google does.

    Samsung becoming so dominant is detrimental to Androids future success. The larger they become, the less they have to rely on Google.

    They have to be put in check.

    Android is built on rocky ground relying on so many OEMs. Especially when those OEMs can do what they please with the OS. And the results are becoming clearer and clearer with each phone released.

    Outdated OSs (Sony). Software overlays hindering updates (HTC). Carriers not feeling the need to update all devices regardless of flagship status or not (All OEMs).

    Now, I'm not suggesting that Google rush to save all the OEMs. They don't need to, nor can they.

    But easing things for the major players helps quite a bit. And having HTC will entitle Google to some of Microsofts patents. Patents that are used by Apple.

    Granted, even as I write this, I can clearly see dozens of problems that could stop this from happening.

    But hey, I can dream right?
    08-08-2012 08:57 AM
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    I think they are fine without manufacturing there own devices. It adds a bit more suspense and "fun" I guess since you can dream up what company will manufacture the next Nexus. Just my 2 cents.
    08-08-2012 09:32 AM
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    Android is all about choice. What you see as forking Android guidelines, others see as improvements. For example, I like the physical home button on the s3. Therefore, I would prefer HTC to bounce back on its own by differentiating its phones from the competition. That way we could have 3 options (Samsung, HTC, and stock nexus devices) onstead of just two.

    Also Samsung is very reliant on Google for their success. They wouldn't be doing so well without them. There's no danger for Google in Samsung's rise, and thus not much benefit to incurring the costs of an HTC acquisition.

    Personally, I'd like to see HTC acquire RIM (though I don't see it happening) and incorporate some of the cool bb10 features into its next OS. They could also release a device with the BlackBerry physical keyboard and bring bbm as an HTC exclusive - I'm sure that would bring over many bb users and most of all it'd add more variety to the top tier android scene.

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    08-08-2012 09:57 AM
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    I think it's time for Google to build its own handsets.
    I agree and everyone knows Google has already thought of that a long time ago and that could even be the major reason why the search giant decided to spend billions of dollars to purchase the entire Motorola company.

    The acquisition of Motorola will pave a way for Google to build it's own devices, although, it will still have to rely on other manufacturers for some components. For example, it might just need the services of Samsung for display panels or even processors.

    Recent reports are suggesting Google is now trying to steer the wheel for Motorola. In fact, it has announced just recently that it will lay off some 4000 Motorola employees "in order to return the company to profitability." I just read this news today from BigPond news.

    Here's the link: Google swings the axe at Motorola

    Samsung becoming so dominant is detrimental to Androids future success.
    I just can't agree with you on this... I mean, I agree that Samsung is going bigger and more dominant in the Android market but I don't see a point where it would become detrimental to Android's success.

    Android OS, irrespective of versions, has always been offered for free to manufacturers. So, the more phone makers use it for their devices, the longer the mileage the OS could reach. Correct me if I'm wrong about my views here.
    08-13-2012 07:59 AM
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    Two questions come to mind when reading the OP's comments.

    1) How exactly will Samsung "fork" Google?

    Samsung would have to release it's own OS. Exactly where would they get content and apps? Puh-leeze don't suggest they would go Windows! That would be ridiculous. Just look at the lack of success Nokia is having with their Windows phone... in spite of rave reviews about it. I bought their stock when their phone came out thinking they would enjoy an up-tick in market share (and share price)... fail!

    2) Why would HTC need to be folded into Motorola Mobility? What would HTC bring to the party?
    08-15-2012 10:25 PM
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    The entire Android philosophy and OS is a success because of Android OEMs taking Android and putting it on multitude of devices and doing what they will with it.

    It's almost kind of humorous how much Android fans praise the OS for being open sourced and love all the cool things people can do with actual access to code but hate that manufacturers actually do anything with the source.

    The second Google tries to put the OEMs on too much of a tight leash (though honestly I don't see how they could at this point tbh) is the moment I'm done with Android.

    We already get what Google themselves sees as Android and where the OS is going with the Nexus devices beyond that I'd want to see the OEM's and AOSP developers mixing it up can create.

    I admit and see where you're coming from. I don't like that a lot of the OEM skins to be frank will take things in stock Android and make then simply worst, but it beats the alternative of vertical all Google hardware and software closed source Android.

    tl;dr I think Android is open and should stay open, it's the backbone of the platform. "Everyone should be able to use source code and customize! .....But only in the ways Google and I personally approve of!"
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    08-16-2012 12:11 AM
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    Possibility of altering and rebranding product is a cost of being open specially without GPL (most of Android code is under less open forcing Apache licence), thats why open source is not so popular on commercial markets and thats why Android is not complitly open to not lose control over there OS.

    Google not choosing OEMs, it OEMs choosing Google and if they don't like something they can throw Android away, go to Microsoft or something else... or go back to old days making there own system for there hardware (just look on TV platfroms and why Google TV not doing so good). OEMs want to make there own phone brand that is diffrent from others, have features attached to there phone not Google's OS. OEMs demands that and Google need to pet them, since without OEMs Android is nothing (if you don't belive that, just look on Google TV), since sadly mobile hardware is not open as desktop computer market in which user choose OS.

    As for forking possibility..... they already doing that? Only chain that Google has for OEM not going too far is Google Play access, thru it works somehow but as you can see Amazon dont need it.
    08-17-2012 11:36 AM