1. jonny5449's Avatar
    This is an android gaming platform
    Check out video


    looking for good keyboards??
    08-09-2012 06:55 PM
  2. harhis23's Avatar
    It is a good idea having to develop an Android-based console that would be offered at a very affordable price. Ouya could become like heaven for new gamers but I'm afraid it could please hardcore gamers.

    As for me being a hardcore PC gamer, I don't mind spending 10 times the price Ouya just to be able to achieve the specs I'm looking for in my machine. I might just buy a unit of Ouya when it's released just to try it out but I don't think it would create an impact on me.

    BTW, here are the specs:

    • Tegra3 quad-core processor
    • 1GB RAM
    • 8GB of internal flash storage
    • HDMI connection to the TV, with support for up to 1080p HD
    • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
    • Bluetooth LE 4.0
    • USB 2.0 (one)
    • Wireless controller with standard controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button), a touchpad
    • Android 4.0
    • ETHERNET! (Announced by Muffi 7/18)
    08-13-2012 08:27 AM
  3. martinfan611's Avatar
    Sweet I might just buy one

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    08-13-2012 09:43 AM