1. Hbomber110's Avatar
    That is pretty much what i did for the last two phones i bought !

    My first smartphone was a Motorola Milestone (droid), the loud speaker was awesome, connectivity was great and reliable and the battery could last for a week on standby, but the software was horrible the the 2.2 update almost killed the phone so i looked for a Desire HD and i bought it because it was big and fast... Then i started to have problems with wifi signal, random radio issues and morning long battery life... One year later i buy a Galaxy Nexus because its bigger and faster and the same problems come back (ok the battery is pretty good but nothing like the milestone).

    Now i want a real !phone!

    I Know that RIM, Apple, Nokia and Motorola have very good radios and signal strength and reliability and other PHONE features like:
    -Good/loud speaker
    -Call quality
    -battery life

    Is there any other Manufacturer that is known for this kind of stuff that you can not put numbers on ?

    Sony ?
    LG ?
    Asus ?
    08-26-2012 02:09 PM
  2. Kevin OQuinn's Avatar
    I would remove Apple from your list of manufacturers known for good radios and signal strength.

    Sony isn't known specifically for great radios, but I also haven't really heard anybody complain about them either.

    For Android, I'd stick with Motorola if radio and signal strength is your primary concern.
    08-26-2012 06:42 PM